citytweets is a Twitter retweet bot currently powering @luebbecketweets, @mindentweets, and more.

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citytweets is a Twitter retweet bot currently powering my accounts @luebbecketweets, @mindentweets and @herfordtweets. In addition to my accounts, it also powers @TweetsFuerMiLB, which is not owned by me.

It retweets everything the search finds. It is intended to be used with searches like @mindentweets so that everyone can at-mention the account @mindentweets and will get a retweet, thus reach every follower of @mindentweets.

The bot’s own Twitter account can be found at @citytweets_bot.


For some calls it still relies on the deprecated Twitter API 1.1. For calls to this API it uses Twitter4J, which does not seem to be maintained anymore as well. For other calls, and especially the calls that actually search for new tweets, it already relies on the new Twitter API 2.0 to which I got early access. These calls are made without any library help. Further migration will happen over time.